Julong Group Has Discussions with WWF on Sustainable Palm Oil Project

On 25th, August, at Julong Group's invitation, Professor Sun Jirong, Senior Adviser of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Senior Researcher on sustainable development, together with Lv Weiju, Palm Oil Coordinator of Forest Programme, visited Julong’s headquarter in Tianjin. They with Mr. Sun Weijun, Office Director of Julong Group, and other officials had a discussion, further communicating with each other on how to promote the trading, processing and using of sustainable palm oil and to achieve the goals for sustainable procurement of palm oil.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the one of the largest nongovernmental organizations with world reputation. Founded in 1961, WWF has always focused on environmental protection issues. After hearing about the introduction of Julong Group’s development in the field of palm oil industry by Mr. Sun Weijun, Professor Sun Jirong made a brief account to the promotion of WWF concerning about sustainable palm oil and stated the manner and tasks regarding the realization of sustainable palm oil project. Then exchanged ideas about the key work of sustainable palm oil project, RSPO (Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil) criterions, and overall management model and so on.

Professor Sun said, WWF would like to establish a longstanding relationship with Julong Group, strengthen the communication between two sides, strive to reach a wider consensus and finally promote the development of sustainable palm oil together.

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