Chronicle of Events of Julong Group

In 1993, the incorporation of the forerunner of the group, Tianjin Julong Trade Development Co., Ltd., set the root of the group in the grains & oils industry;
1n 1995, after a comprehensive analysis on the international oils and oilseeds markets as well as the development of the domestic grains & oils industry, Tianjin Julong Trade Development Co., Ltd. choose palm oil business as its major operation sector;
In 2001, Tianjin Julong Trade Development Co., Ltd relocated its operation premise into the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), positioning itself on the front line of the international grains & oils trade business of China;
In 2002, the incorporation of Tianjin Longwit Grains & oils Industrial Co., Ltd. provided the group with a higher starting point in the oils and fats industry of China, symbolizing the group’s successful transformation from a trading enterprise to an industrial and trading enterprise;
In 2004, the company launched two series of brand packaged oil products---the “Holiday” series and the “Well-off Life” series, symbolizing the beginning of brand operation of the company;
In 2005, the company took the lead within the global palm oil industry in realizing the mass production of ultra low melting point palm oil. The ultra low melting point palm oil fractionation technology of the company is of international leading level;
In 2006, the company took the lead in building the first Chinese funded overseas palm plantation in the South Kalimantan Island of Indonesia, symbolizing the launching of the company’s globalization strategy;
In May 2007, the company took the lead in launching the first small package palm oil in the domestic market of China, the “‘Holiday 1st Fresh Extract’, filling the blank of small package oil in the domestic market of China and making the exotic Southeast Asian palm oil available to the numerous families in China;
In December 2007, among the Chinese private grains & oils enterprises, the company took the lead in establishing the first macro-economy and commodity futures research center;
In August 2008, Julong acquired the edible oil processing plant formerly belong to Zhongsheng Grains & Oils for the purpose of developing packaged oil business, base on which Julong built a packaged oil production base with an annual production capacity of 20 million boxes of packaged oil and a oil storage capacity of 40 thousand tones;
In October 2008, Tianjin Julong Group was formally incorporated through consolidating enterprise resources, which marked the beginning of a new era of group company operation;
In October 2008, two new packaged oil products, namely the “Holiday Fresh Palm Fruit Extraction” and the “Holiday Palm Fruit & Grain Blend Oil”, were added to the list of Julong’s small package oil products. While enriching the small package palm oils products series, the group also pushed the concept of palm fruit oil into the market, making it a new eye catching light spot in the market;
On 24 November 2008, the Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Sudrajat, highly valued Julong’s endeavor in assuming social responsibilities and contributing to both Chinese and Indonesian people’s wellbeing through developing palm oil business during his meeting with the President of Julong Group, Mr. Yang Xuejiang;
On 25 November 2008, the Indonesian DMSI and Ministry of Agriculture delegation led by the Agricultural Vice Minister of Indonesia visited the palm oil processing base and macro-economy and futures research institute of Julong Group in Tianjin, and expressed their full recognition of the development of Julong’s palm oil business in Indonesia and extended their gracious welcome for Julong’s investment;
On 10 December 2008, the Indonesian Vice President, H.E. Mr. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, and the Chairperson of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board(BKPM), H.E. Mr. Muhammad Lutfi, met separately with the Executive General Manager of the Indonesian business area of the Julong Group, Mr. Li Lianxi, and extended gracious welcome for the investment of Julong in Indonesia;
On 15 December 2008, the Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Sudrajat, paid a special visit to the production plant of Julong Group in the Bonded Zone of Tianjin Harbor, and extended his support and warm welcome to Julong Group as well as other Chinese grains and oils enterprises for their investment in the oil palm plantation industry of Indonesia;
On 20 December 2008, the Vice Premier of the State Council of China, Mr. Li Keqiang visited Indonesia. Mr. Yang Xuebiao, Vice President of Julong Group, attended the welcoming banquet held for Vice Premier Li at the organizer’s invitation and accompanied Vice Premier Li during his observation tour to Chinese overseas investment projects in Indonesia;
During 18 -20 January 2009, the 2009 annual meeting named as “Crossing the Frozen River and Heading toward the Spring” was convened successfully;
On 10 February 2009, the Ministry of Transport of China issued the “WRITTEN REPLY ON THE PORT SHORELINE OF THE GRAIN LOGISTICS CENTER HARBOR PROJECT IN XINGANG HARBOR OPERATION ZONE OF THE JINGJIANG PORT AREA OF TAIZHOU PORT(JIAOGUIHUAFA【2009】NO.58)”, which approved the use of Yangzi River port shoreline by a member company of the group, Jingjiang Longwit Grains & oils Port Co., Ltd., to construct a grain logistics harbor with a total tonnage capacity of 135,000 tones;
In May 2009, Julong Group completed the construction of its third industrial plant in the Bonded Zone of Tianjin Harbor with a daily fractionation capacity of 3000 tones and a daily refining capacity of 1000 tones. This enlarged the annual fractionation capacity, refining capacity and storage capacity of Julong’s industrial base in the Bonded Zone of Tianjin Harbor respectively to 1, 350, 000 tones, 700, 000 tones and 220,000 tones, making it the largest integrated oils and fats processing base of China;
On 17 June 2009, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board(BKPM), H.E. Mr. Muhammad Lutfi, spoke highly of the palm oil plantation investment project of Julong Group in Indonesia during his meeting with the President of Julong Group, which testified the great value attached by the Indonesian authority to the business endeavor o f Julong Group in Indonesia;
In September 2009, the industrial delegation led by the Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Mr. Wang Zhiping, visited the Indonesian business region of Julong Group. During his visit, the Vice Mayor spoke highly of the overseas plantation development strategy of Julong that benefits the security of the national economy and people’s livelihood;
In October 2009, Julong accomplished the construction of the largest megaton edible oil processing and logistics base of Eastern China in Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province;
In November 2009, the Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Mr. Huang Lixin paid an observation visit to the Jingjiang industrial base of Julong Group and expressed his appreciation and full recognition to the investment of Julong Group in Jiangsu Province;
In the end of 2009, the first batch of palm trees planted in Julong’s Indonesian palm plantation began to yield fruits;
On 19 January 2010, Julong Group signed a strategic cooperation contract with Tianjin Yiqjing Group Co., Ltd. on forging the world’s largest palm oil processing platform together in Tianjin;
In May 2010, Julong was honored the “Model Trustworthy Grains and Oils Enterprise” award. In addition, Julong’s “Holiday” palm oil products acquired the “Green-Product Attestation” in the same month;
On 29 June 2010, Julong’s financial subsidiary, Huiju Small-sum Loan Company, was formally opened for business, symbolizing the group’s expansion into the financial sector;
On the afternoon of 8 November 2010, the Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Mr. Wu Banguo, held a meeting with Indonesian Parliament Speaker, H.E. Mr. Marzuki Alie at the Indonesian State Palace. During his stay in Indonesia, Chairman Wu kindly received Yang Xuejiang, president of the Julong Group, who was by then a representative of Chinese enterprises in Indonesia. In the meeting, Chairman Wu expressed his sincere hope for Julong’s future development by saying that “Your strikes shall be still bigger and faster”;
In January 2011, the annual meeting of 2011 of Julong Group was convened in Indonesia, which symbolized the group’s entering into a new era of global expansion and full industrial chain operation;
In January 2011, the group’s first crushing mill in the South Kalimantan Island of Indonesia was formally put into production. It is the first overseas palm oil crushing mill ever own by a Chinese enterprise, which symbolized the beginning of full industrial chain participation of Chinese enterprises in the largest edible oil industry of the world---the palm oil industry;
In June 2011, the Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Mr. Ren Xuefeng, led a delegation to Julong and expressed his appreciation and full recognition for the achievements of the group;
On 18 October 2011, the Julong Group Party Committee was formally established, symbolizing another milestone in the development progress of the group. It enriched the corporate culture of the group, further supplemented and disciplined the internal organizational structure, management system, and operation system of the group. It also created a third upward development channel beside the management and the technical ones, and provided an organizational guarantee for the harmonious development of the group and the improvement of the overall quality of Julong’s staff;
In October 2011, the rating of the “Most Globally Competitive Chinese Enterprises” jointly carried out by the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the Global Entrepreneur Magazine listed Julong Group as one of the top 50 most globally competitive Chinese enterprises. And honored Julong the “New Globalization Challenger” award, one of the six individual awards that Julong shared with other five outstanding Chinese enterprises including Huawei, Haier, and Lenovo Group;
In November 2011, Julong was honored as one of the “Top 100 Grain Enterprises” and one of the “Top Ten Private Grain Groups”;

On February 2, 2012, He Lifeng, vice-secretary of Tianjin municipal Party committee and secretary of Binhai New area had a positive agreement on “Working Report on 2011 Julong Group ‘Going Out’”, and gave a approving affirmation for working achievement from the strategy of “going out”, which encouraged Julong People to make more contributions, and asked related leaders to read and comment. The agreements from He Lifeng, and supports and cares from government leadership to Julong Group showed the determinations of Party and Government to go out and confirmed their confidence to develop career at abroad of Julong Group.

On March 22, 2012, Tianjin Julong Group took part in the seminar of “The Second China Sustainability in Palm Oil Development of Prospect and Challenge”, which was sponsored by State Commercial Department and British Department for International Development (DFID) and British Department for Environment Food and Agricultural Affairs (DFEFAA) and supported by China’s Food and Livestock Import and Export Chamber of Commerce. Sun Weijun, vice-secretary of Party Committee of Group had a special speech about “How to treat China develop sustainable palm oil”.

On April 1, 2012, Tianjin Julong Group took part in “2012 Tianjin private enterprises economic development forum”, which was sponsored by the CPC Tianjin municipal committee of united front work department, Tianjin chamber of industry and commerce and Tianjin small and medium-sized enterprises promotion office. Huang Xingguo, the vice-secretary of Tianjin municipal committee and mayor of Tianjin, Yang Dongliang, municipal committee and vice-mayor of executive, Cui Jindu, municipal committee and vice-mayor, Zhang Yuanlong, vice-president of national federation of industry and chairman of municipal federation of industry and commerce attended this forum. Yang Xuejiang, secretary of Party committee and president of Julong Group shared the experiences and understanding of the careers in Julong Group “Going out”.

On April 6, 2012, Tianjin Julong Group’s trainees “Evergreen Tree” in Indonesia area came to Tianjin to study Chinese, which marked the model between enterprises and universities to train talents exploited a new road for Tianjin and nationwide enterprises cultivating talents. 

On April 26, 2012, Li Changchun, secretary general of CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and director of the Central Spiritual Civilization Committee met president of Group Yang Xuejiang, companied by Ma Zuji, congress president of Indonesia when Li Changchun was having state visit in Indonesia. He also witnessed the signing ceremony of Julong Group palm plantation project in Indonesia.  

On May 21 to 26, 2012, CPC of Tianjin the tenth congress was held, which was taken charge by the secretary of the CPC Tianjin municipal party committee Zhang Gaoli. Deputy secretary of Party committee of Julong Group Sun Weijun attended the meeting as a representative of the Binhai new area from private enterprises, and had a report to the secretary Zhang Gaoli and He Lifeng about the strategy of Julong Group “going out” to explore the overseas business, which got the agreement from the government leaders. Moreover, during the assembly Sun Weijun secretary also accepted the Binhai Times interview.

On June 28, 2012, Tianjin Julong Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement with National Industrial Crystallization Engineering Technology Research Center of Tianjin University and established the Academician Expert Workstation. They will expand cooperation in basic technological innovation at the fields of oils and grains processing. The participants include: the secretary of Party Committee and president of Julong Group Yang Xuejiang, the secretary of Party Committee of Tianjin University and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Wang Yan, chairman of Tianjin City Association, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, honorary director of the National Engineering Research Center for the promotion of industrial crystallization Wang Jingkang, Party members, vice chairman of Association for science and technology Bai Jingmei, and vice chairman of City Federation of Industry, vice chairman of Tianjin City Chamber of Commerce Yang Weidong and so on.

On July 16, 2012,Tianjin Julong group was invited to attend the fourth CICO and the sustainable palm oil supply chain forum, as one of the sponsors, Chen Yan ,general manager of the Group of Singapore Branch, made a speech "global palm oil market analysis" at the meeting.

On July 16, 2012,Tianjin Julong group was invited to attend the fourth CICO and the sustainable palm oil supply chain forum, as one of the sponsors, Chen Yan ,general manager of the Group of Singapore Branch, made a speech "global palm oil market analysis" at the meeting.

On October 11, 2012, Cheng Guoqiang, researcher of China's State Council Development Research Center, secretary general of the Academic Committee and deputy director of the Office, came to visit Tianjin Julong Group to research and guide the work, previous chairman of Grain Bureau Sun Rui, independent director of Group Xu Yibing, deputy secretary of the Party committee Sun Weijun and other leaders made a working report to director Cheng.

On October 30, 2012, the awards ceremony of “2012 Annual the Most Competitive Chinese Companies from Global Field” was hosted in Tianjin Julong Group Oil Packing Workshop. Group was edged into “Top 20 of 2012 Annual the Most Competitive Chinese Companies from Global Field ” and ranked 13, becoming the Only one to finalist the Top 20 enterprise of this list in Tianjin area.

On November 16, 2012, the fourth “CCTV China brand annual publication” was hosted by CCTV and China network television. Tianjin Julong Group became the Only award-winning enterprise of Tianjin and what’s more, “Holiday” brand of edible oil was awarded “Chinese annual brand”.  

On November 30, 2012, Tianjin Julong Group was invited to participate in “2012 China Oils and Grains Wealth Forum and the Second China Oils and Grains Awards ” which is organized by Oils and Grains Marketing Newspaper, the vice-secretary of Party committee of Julong Group Sun Weijun took part in the processing of dialogue between hosts and honored guests, and at last Julong Group won the “Top 100 of 2012 Annual China Oils and Grains Enterprises ” honorary title.

On November 30, 2012, the vice-president of Group Zhang Ya won “The Labor Model of National Light Industry ” the honorary title in the activity “The Evaluation on National Light Industry Advanced Collectivities and Advanced Model Workers” through examination and recommendation which are democracy, openness, and fairness. This activity was organized by the ministry of human resources and social security of the people’s republic of China, China federation of light industry and Chinese national handicraft industry cooperatives.

On January 16,2013, Wang Qinmin, vice-president of CPPCC and president of China federation of industry, came to Julong Group to survey.

On January 24,2013, president of Group Yang Xuejiang was honored by “2012 Chinese outstanding entrepreneur walking into the association of south-east Asian nations” 

On January 25,2013, the first representative conference of Indonesia-Tianjin Chamber of Commerce was held in the headquarter of Group. Julong Group was given president unit and Yang Xuejiang, the president of Group was elected president of Indonesia-Tianjin Chamber of Commerce.

On February 1,2013,Julong Group was shortlisted in “Top 50 of  2012 the Most Creative Going Out Enterprise ”
On February 13,2013,Julong small package palm oil OilKu was sent into the dining table of households in Indonesia.
On April 25, 2013, Julong Group donated 8,000,000 Yuan to Yaan earthquake disaster area.
On May 17, 2013, “The First China Palm Oil Industry of Creation Developing Forum”,which is sponsored by China Oil and Grain Association and supported by Tianjin Julong Group was opened.
On June 5, 2013, Julong Group was shortlisted in “2012 Gold Bee Enterprise Social Responsibility List in China”.
On June 21, 2013, Julong Group was honored “Top 100 of China Light Industry”
On August 29, 2013, Julong Group was given “Top 500 of China Private Enterprises”

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